Sup people? School today was pretty easy. Started with studyhall and in journalism class we watched a movie. Later me and Tina walked around the school, taking pictures and saying goodbye to some teachers. Tomorrow is the very lasy day at Sidney high school. Not really sure how to feel about that. After that we stopped by Walmart, got some Starbucks coffee in a bottle. Iced, vanilla, delicious. We rented some movies and started to watch 50/50, a movie with Joseph gordon-levitt, my new favorite actor. He also starred in Inception and 500 days of summer. Yeah, he's pretty awesome.
Aaanyways, me and the fam are going to get some pizza in a bit. Tomorrow I have exam in Health and english class. I guess i'll spend my evening reading about the crucible, Mice & and men and some american poetry. Or I might ending up watching another movie with my sister. Sounds a bit more fun. See ya later peeps!

Postat av: Angelica

Skolavslutningarna i USA är väl inte riktigt lika som i Sverige?

Vad svarar amerikanarna när du berättar att vi i Sverige firar skolavslutning i kyrkan? :)

2012-05-25 @ 09:31:21
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